Bored of Work-From-Home? Here Are 7 Stories To Read On A Break Beyond the Panorama May 12, 2022

Bored of Work-From-Home? Here Are 7 Stories To Read On A Break

Working from home has its set of pros and cons. Sure, typing away on your laptop while still in your PJs is a big advantage, sometimes being cooped up in your room for long hours can take a toll on your mental health. What you need are regular breaks to rest, rejuvenate, and read stories!

You probably don’t have much time in the middle of a working day, so your reading breaks have to be short and sweet. Don’t pick up an intense book which may be hard to complete, instead choose to read some simple, refreshing short stories that will get you back into the spirit and motivated to work again! 

Here are 7 short stories you can read on your break: 

1. Kiko’s Garden


A rustic backdrop, with a story that runs deep in a family you want to get to know. Our story’s grandmother still remains the hero, despite having passed, and her tales are the ones we narrate even after her demise. The stories will linger on in the halls and her gardens for aeons to come. 

2. Beautiful Stranger

short stories, Indian short stories

A lonely singer works the night shift at a local cafe, where one day a handsome young man shows interest in her. Suddenly, her life doesn’t seem so dull and monotonous anymore, and she begins to look forward to something for the first time in a long period. However, as happens in real life, things never turn out the way we expect them to. What happens to our singer’s fate? 

3. Girl With Luv

This is part relatable and part creepy. The line is very fine. Our heroine takes a day off work to support her beau, making sure every single detail is covered and nothing could possibly go wrong. It’s just too bad that he can’t see her, even when her love is so intense. But wait, why can’t he see her? 

4. The Fate of a Lizard

indian short stories, short stories

It’s late at night. You sneak out of your room to prepare yourself a midnight snack but are greeted by an unwanted guest. A lizard. The poor lizard has a night more dramatic than yours, and despite being an individual of its own, his fate completely depends on the species he will never relate to. Read the short story to know where the night takes our protagonist, as well as the human that is so afraid of him. 

5. Singularity

Indian short stories, short stories 

If you’re facing an existential crisis, this is the short story for you. Follow the story of Odelle, still trying to figure out who he is, why he is where he is, and what he can do to better his life. The journey is not easy, but the first step is always acknowledging that something is wrong. 

6. Honey, Let’s Grow Old Together

Indian short stories, short stories 

The ultimate romance to help you escape reality for a bit, and get to know our two lovebirds who build a life together. Follow the ups and downs of their relationship and family, and discover for yourself how beautiful life can really be. 

7. Better Late Than Never

short stories, Indian short stories 

This is the perfect story to read if you ever get a 5-minute break. The main character in this story reflects on his life, his actions, his relationships, only to snap out of his imagination and realise he is still living in the present, and fighting menial battles to get through the day. Well, at least now they seem tolerable, right? 

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