Brands, Be Social on Social Media  Beyond the Panorama July 3, 2022

Brands, Be Social on Social Media 

While a lot is happening on social media, brands often forget to be social. Simple, practical tips for small businesses on how to be social!

Think of your social media channels as your little shop. When someone enters, are you going to greet them with a smile and hello, or just leave them be? In the brouhaha content calendars, strategies campaigns, sometimes brands just miss the small little things – being social on social media. 

Especially as a small business, it’s the little things that will help your brand create memorability and recall. By being social, we mean interacting with your audiences.

Here are a few very simple things you can implement on social media right away: 

  • Whenever someone follows you or connects with you, send them a message. Introduce your brand, and yourself and just break the ice. As a small business, if most of your sales are coming from Instagram, an extra special coupon code for new followers might just get your relationship to a great start!
  • Give your audience a platform to interact. Social media often gets reduced to brands posting posts, and a few people liking them. Let’s try to get some conversation going. It could be as simple as “Ask Us Anything” question sticker on Instagram or a Q&A session on Twitter. You will be surprised how many people have questions that were seemingly obvious to you.
  • People will be absolutely ready to come at you at the smallest inconvenience. It could be the smallest or the biggest of deals, sometimes they may not even be a customer – but they will come at you. Tackling these complaints/rants should be an essential part of your communication strategy, and being social helps. Take the complaints head on and get them sorted at the earliest. It is usually these extra-hyper haters that can turn into brand advocates. Here’s a little more on this: The Customer Might Be King But He’s Not a Benevolent One: Lessons in ORM
  • That being said, there are good people out there too! When customers send you positive feedback and accolades, turn that into a more in-depth conversation. Try to ask questions about their overall experience with the brand. Build a bond so they think twice (and feel kinda bad) when they switch over to a competitor’s product. 

Well, it’s time to socialize! 

If you are looking for help in getting your brand to be more social, we can help! Beyond The Panorama is a social media marketing and content marketing company. We work with brands and founders to create a winning social media strategy. You can find us here! 

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