Catching Rainbows In Sunny (And Rainy) Goa Beyond the Panorama June 28, 2022

Catching Rainbows In Sunny (And Rainy) Goa


Goa is the perfect blend of tropical sun and coastal rains; a childhood fantasy comes to life – the BTP-certified Land of Rainbows. 

Each color in the rainbow has some significance, a personality of its own, and Goa is scattered with these shades – from subtle pastels to vibrant hues. It’s a speck in the country’s topography, lit with these tints and tinges.

This is the VIBGYOR of Goa! 


Somewhere between blue and invisible ultraviolet, violet is an amalgamation of a fierce red and stable blues, a perfect beginning to something great. 

Representing ambition, luxury, and royalty, there’s no better way to describe the serenity of Goa. The lush greens and secluded chambers and quarters are the ideal escape, a getaway from the monotony, hustle, and impertinence of trifling tasks. In its subtle way, Goa shows us the natural way life is to be lived. 


Deep and mesmerizing, Indigo’s unique composition represents power and charm. The authenticity of the culture and the pride locals take in it lures us into the lives of the distinctive people and inspires us to be a little more like them: rooted in heritage and history. The greatest power lies in furthering and fostering the beauty of one’s land, and that is evident everywhere – from the food, clothes, and sceneries to the markets, music, and beaches. 


If the unpredictability and eccentricity of the ocean remind us of anything, it’s the freedom and imagination of the color blue, the true essence of Goa. The punctuality and tranquility of the waves urge us to pause, take a breather, and put everything we’ve ever known into a new perspective. 


Green stands for life and renewal. If there’s anything that perfectly exemplifies these qualities, it’s the monsoons of Goa. Endless rains give breathing space to the flora and fauna that thrives here, a completely new persona of a state that usually thrives in pulsing beats and electric notes – the sound and smell of the rains bring us back and ground us to where we belong. 


Happiness, warmth, sunshine, need we say anything else? It’s the memory we crave most – of lying aimlessly by a pool bed, sipping on drinks, we can’t pronounce, letting our pores breathe as we figure out the only task pending for the day – what’s for lunch? 


The bold, enthusiastic color is representative of health and creativity. It’s a citrusy shade, inspiring us to be a better version of ourselves, refreshing and encouraging, like a new morning, sitting outside, with a glass full of its juice, ready to start another day, but in the best way, we can.  


Amidst the seaside, fancy eateries, powerful rains, disco lights, loud music, tranquil hideouts, and endless showers, we’ve understood that Goa is a unique blend of it all. There’s something in it for everyone. However, despite varying needs and wants, where everyone has a different opinion and requirement, there’s one way this state ties and binds us all together. It’s the most straightforward but most complicated thing all at once – bold and courageous, symbolizing the color red. Love. 

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