Christmas Homecoming | Papia Ghosh Beyond the Panorama December 24, 2020

Christmas Homecoming | Papia Ghosh

When the chilly west winds

strip the trees of every shred of green,

and the fluffy white snow softly

embraces the earth,

It’s time for Homecoming.

When the snow muffles your footsteps

into soft deep prints along the path,

And the pine trees adorn 

White Christmas caps, 

‘Tis time for Homecoming.

When the stars from the heavens

Adorn our beautiful Christmas tree,

With dream catchers and fairies 

playing hide and seek,

While watching over our yearnings

 wrapped in love,

It’s time for Christmas and Homecoming.

When the longings of the heart 

To put the jigsaw pieces of the family together

Reside in wafting aromas from my mother’s kitchen,

Impregnated with promises of a grand feast,

It’s time for a long-awaited Homecoming.

When the corners of the world 

Are folded by the delicate origami

 of love and kindness,

in deep-rooted beliefs and a sense of belonging,  

It’s time for blessings and good wishes,

 Christmas carols, Santa’s gifts

Snuggled under warm blankets of leisure,

And that long-cherished Christmas Homecoming.

Written by Papia Ghosh

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