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College Romance

college romance

Thinking back, college life wasn’t at all what I expected it to be.

Although it’s been over 20 years, it still gives me butterflies in my stomach to think about my teenage crush.

He was sweet, kind, and handsome, but none of that mattered because my parents got me married off to someone else.

I can’t complain, though. He gave me a wonderful house, a beautiful daughter, and a lifetime of memories I will always cherish. Especially now that he’s gone.

I raised my daughter alone for most part of her life, and I know I did a good job of it. Today, she’s strong, beautiful, and independent, and I couldn’t love her any more than I did.

Watching her grow into a woman was rewarding, and now that she had completed a whole semester of college, I knew I would be proud.

I remember giving her advice on boys and crushes and even confessed to having a special someone when I was her age. She teased and giggled and told me she was looking forward to introducing me to her ‘person’.

So… I decided to surprise her.

I packed my bags and drove the distance, knocking at her dorm room door, eagerly waiting to see her face after so long.

Except, it wasn’t her who opened the door. Slightly embarrassed, I apologised profusely and emphasised I had come to the wrong door.

But then I took a step back. “Wait,” I said out loud.

He looked really familiar. Really, really familiar. The hair, the face, the same slouched posture.

That moment, right behind him came another really familiar face. My daughter.

“Well…” I could only conjure up, catching eyes between the both of them already feeling maternal towards this boy I had never seen before.

“Hi mom”, she looked awkward and on the verge of tears.

It had been so long since I saw her, so I didn’t find it right to grill and ask questions that would clearly make her uncomfortable.

So I let it go.
We hugged and cried and talked, and eventually, I was introduced to ‘Sam’.

I could tell she really liked him, and that made me emotional and nostalgic at the same time. He made her feel comfortable and stable, and that was something I craved terribly.

“My dad is actually in town”, he said.

“Oh did he surprise you too?” I laughed at the coincidence.

“We were actually going to go for dinner, do you want to join us?” He offered. But I declined.

It was all too much – meeting my daughter, then her boyfriend, then his father!

“Mom, please come! Please, please, please!” She begged.

And before I knew it, I found myself seated at a fancy dinner table, holding my daughter’s hand and waiting for the two men to make an appearance.

Sam walked in, looking dapper in a crisp shirt and black pants, kneeling down to kiss my daughter on the cheek. I looked behind him to see a tuft of white, presuming it was his father’s head.

“Hey, dad, this is her,” she stoop up to shake his hand, and that’s when I got a good look at him.

He looked… familiar. Just like his son.

I was speechless for a moment, till he locked eyes with me. Then I knew he was speechless too.

A million thoughts came rushing to my mind, and I knew the supercut of memories reflected in his mind too.

“Hi,” I whisper.

The two teenagers looked confusedly at each other, and then my daughter took a good look at me.

Then she turned to take a good look at him.

Then I knew she was speechless too.


I didn’ reply.

“Mom, is that your boyfriend from college?”

And that’s the day I realized things fall into place when they have to.

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