Colour Palette Beyond the Panorama April 8, 2021

Colour Palette

Written by Zainab Gul

In a room,

Painted white

And cream.

Furnished are some 

Window panes,

With crimson hue.

The breeze so strong,

Leaving the windows clattered

The sun shone bright,

Against the glass window.

The sky appears to be 

Clear and light,

With fluffy clouds,

Swirling left to right.

The house opening,

Up to paddy fields,

Shades of moss and 

Olive green.

Waiting for summer,

Are the mango trees,

All ready to bloom

Dreaming of when it’s ripe,

Similar to buttercup

And pineapple delight.

On a table of four,

The dish is served, 

As mango crush ,

Smeared with meringue,

And a tiny umbrella,

tucked on top.

All buckled up,

Holding spoons and forks,

How tempting it looks,

As it’s love at first sight.

Zainab Gul
Zainab Gul

Zainab is a born poet, with a knack for writing observant pieces on life, culture, and all the good and bad that exists in the world.

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