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Content Marketing for Restaurants 

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There are just so many of them! If you think choosing the perfect restaurant for brunch was hard, imagine being the owner of one. 

But, if you can ace your storytelling game, your restaurant/café will be abuzz with guests and then some.

Here are a few content marketing strategies that will help you build your marketing plan: 

1. Make ‘em hungry

Before anything else, taste test! Yes, fantastic food is an important requirement from the marketing team. The marketers should be included in discussions about the menu, the tastings, and customer feedback. They are responsible for selling the story of every dish, making it look epic, and getting people hungry. 

When that is sorted, the number one thing to remember is your food deserves a great photographer. The food might taste great but nobody is going to know unless it looks good. Have great pictures for your content marketing efforts and make ‘em hungry!

2. Give them more

Is there something you can do to elevate the experience? Just little things – like what does your tent card on the table say, or are you using parts of the restaurant to narrate your story? A little palate cleanser between courses, perhaps? There’s a lot you can do if your brand story is in place. Think beyond the usual and create an experience that people want to tell their friends about.

3. Reviews Reviews Reviews! 

We cannot stress the importance of reviews enough! Word of mouth marketing is supremely important in the service industry. First, encourage people to leave reviews on Google and post stories/posts on social media. Second, remember to manage those reviews effectively. Yes, the annoyingly negative ones need to be addressed and resolved. 

4. Creating a seamless experience 

If your restaurant/café does delivery too, you must figure out a way of sending the story home. They are not in your space where the experience is all-immersive. Ascertain ways and means of giving them that exclusive experience that will build brand recall.

5. The Social Strategy 

Content marketing on social media is a whole other business function and probably one of the most important in today’s reel-obsessed era. Start by building your content pillars, content categories and then the monthly content calendars. Ensure you have the perfect content mix and mini-giveaways to keep the followers engaged. 

We can help you create a customized story-driven marketing and digital plan for your restaurant. Get in touch with us here.

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