Content Marketing Tips For The Festive Season Beyond the Panorama October 10, 2022

Content Marketing Tips For The Festive Season

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Festivals are exceptional, and festive season content marketing is essential for connecting your business to that exceptionalism. With all of the sales, special offers, and overall craziness of the festive season, it is vital to focus on season promotions with your content.

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Content-driven marketing campaigns during the festive season help you reach new audiences and boost brand awareness.

Building a content strategy for the festive season is imperative for any marketing plan. Every company should have multiple marketing campaigns that bring customers back to its e-commerce or physical store to act upon its holiday sales.

To make content marketing easy for the festive season, we’ve put together a list of content marketing tips:

1. Plan Your Festive Season Content Early

Start planning your content well in advance so you can hit the ground running when the festive season begins. By having a plan, you will save time and be able to focus on creating high-quality content.  Consider using an editorial calendar to map out your content strategy. This will ensure that all of your content is cohesive.

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2. Create Content That Is Festive And On-Brand

Your content should reflect the festive season but maintain your brand’s voice. Be creative with your content and experiment with different types of content, such as videos, infographics, or blogs.  No matter what kind of content you create, ensure it is high quality and engaging.

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3. Increase Social Media Posting Frequency

Businesses post less frequently during the festive season because they are busy with other holiday preparations. However, this is the time when you should be posting more regularly! Since people are shopping more and have extra time off from work, they are spending more time online reading content. Take advantage of this by increasing your posting frequency. This will help brand recall and drive traffic to your website.

4.Create Content To Promote And Take Advantage Of Price Optimization

Retail Price Optimization is based on calculations considering multiple market factors and competitor behavior during the festive season. By using price optimization models and techniques, retailers can gain an advantage over their competitors, who have yet to catch on. Price optimization uses advanced mathematical analysis to predict how consumer demand will change in response to different prices offered through various channels.

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5. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to reach your existing customers and promote your content or sales. Segment your email list so you can send targeted emails to different groups of people. For example, you can send a separate email to people who have purchased from your company in the past versus those who are new subscribers.

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6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach a broader audience on social media. When creating content for the festive season, use popular hashtags that people are searching for. This will help your content be seen by people who are not already following you.

7.Collaborate With Other Brands

Consider collaborating with other brands that complement your products or services for extra reach. For example, if you sell winter clothing, partner with a company that sells winter accessories. This is a great way to cross-promote and reach new audiences.

8. Offer Discounts And Promotions

People love getting discounts and deals during the festive season! Offering promotions or discounts on your products or services is a great way to drive sales. Make sure to promote your deals on social media and by email so people know them.

9. Create Festive Season-Themed Content

People are always searching for content related to the festive season. By creating content themed around the holidays, you will be able to reach a larger audience. For example, you can write blog posts about gift ideas, holiday recipes, or how to decorate your home for the holidays.

10. Have A Call-to-Action in Every Piece of Content

Every piece of content you create should have a call-to-action (CTA). This could be simple: subscribing to your email list or following you on social media. By including a CTA, you can drive traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Stick true to your brand and deliver seasonal, valuable, and engaging content to create a festive campaign that stands out. As you plan out content, remember that consumers are looking for helpful tips, assistance, and information during the festive shopping season. 

You can reach a larger audience and boost sales by creating high-quality content and promoting it heavily. So start planning your content strategy today and prepare for a successful festive season!

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