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Who We Are & What We Do?

  • We are brand storytellers committed to create effective and meaningful communication for your brand.
  • A passionate team of content creators and social media impact specialists, we pride in working closely with founders and marketeers to align our communication strategy with the business objectives of the organisation.  
  • Our strong marketing acumen marries our passion for story telling in building a narrative for your brand, that becomes the north star for all avenues of communication.
  • At the core, we work with brands to build an impactful and engaging social media presence using a variety of content relevant for different kinds of social platforms. From long to short form, from word to jingles, from infographics, images to video we are able to create content that speaks volumes.
  • Not just content creators, we are also avid content consumers which keeps us in sync with the campaigns we are building.

Does this sound familiar?

The BTP Solution!

  • You lack an in-house marketing team but wish to work with people who would understand your brand like you do. 
  • You understand the impact, value of marketing from strategy to analytics yet your brand hasn’t yet found your marketable story.
  • You wish to work with marketeers who live and breathe content marketing strategies every day. #Goals.
  • You wish for your communication to showcase not only your brand but also what it stands for, the thoughts, ideas & feelings behind it.
  • You would like a marketing agency that feels more like an in-house resource helping you with day-to-day strategy, trends and tactics.
  • We create and narrate stories that engage with the right customers.
  • We have the rare ability to immerse ourselves in a brand and understand its persona.
  • We keep a customer-centric focus in content creation and work with you on research, analytics to understand and fine-tune your buyer personas.
  • Strategic, Relevant, Intuitive with content creation. Process-driven and analytical with content amplification and visibility.
  • Customization of content for the brand – we don’t sell off the shelf content calendars.
  • We work with only a few brands at any given time and function with a small, very impactful team.

Meet the BTP Core Team

Vineet Sethi

Vineet Sethi

A business mentor and life coach, Vineet consults with brands and individuals to help develop and implement business strategy, sustain growth and attain excellence by creating a culture of continuous improvement. A thinker and philosopher in his own way, he is always always challenging the status quo!

Preeti Kumar

Preeti Kumar

An intuitive communicator with a strong corporate marketing background, Preeti holds testimonials from the best across industries on her bottom-up marketing approach. A deeply spiritual soul, she gives balance, structure and depth to our team and our crazy ideas!

Radhika Sethi

Radhika Sethi

A brand communications expert, Radhika is the in-house social butterfly brimming with ideas for all things marketing! She excels at developing strategic campaigns in sync with business objectives. Her contagious energy and ability to understand the client requirements often makes her the clients' BFF!


Nandini Sethi

A writer at heart and on the desk, Nandini has the knack to evoke real emotion with her writing. She masters the art of narrating brand stories in a humanistic manner. Her quirky style always enables us to take the plunge beyond settled and dulling horizons.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about our services and past work. 

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