Coping With the Pandemic Beyond the Panorama September 2, 2020

Coping With the Pandemic

Lockdown has made our life mundane,

keeping our day to day pattern very plain. 

The same set of chores done in a loop, 

Has made our enthusiasm droop.

The routine and the monotony,

Has left us stuck with agony.

To pursue something which we would have put in pause, 

is the only way to cheer up amidst all the chaos,

And that woke up the artist in me,

With the pen and pencil doing their work, making me artsy.

I also got a chance to play with the words,

And they created wonders flying like birds.

Though the aforementioned activities were familiar to me already,

one new thing I wanted to indulge in was cooking, and now I was ready.

It was the one area that I had hesitated to attempt,

But the festivities leave us no excuses but to learn the unlearnt.

Thanks to Vinayaga Chathurthi I entered the kitchen,

And converted my fear of cooking into fun.

The happiness you get when trying out new stuff, 

Ignites you to do more things tough.

And that’s one thing to take away,

Don’t forget to try something new today.

Ramya Basker
Ramya Basker

Ramya writes thoughtful poetry and short stories about her observations and experiences in society. 

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    September 3, 2020, 12:10 AM

    Good one Ramya :).. Keep it up

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