D2C Brands: Quick Social Media Tips for Diwali Season Beyond the Panorama October 13, 2022

D2C Brands: Quick Social Media Tips for Diwali Season

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It’s time to bring out the fairy lights, decorate with marigolds, and light up candles! The festive season is upon us and it’s an exciting (and stressful) time for D2C brands. While the CAC might be rising, the festive season is an opportunity to explore novel ways to connect with audiences. 

Before social media, it is important to chart out the overall content marketing strategy for the festive season. Here’s a starting point: Content Marketing Tips For The Festive Season

Once that is sorted and each plan is in play, here are specific things you can do to get into the festive spirit. 

What is the first thing you do when Diwali is right around the corner?

Out with the old, in with the new! You clean up and get new stuff for yourself and for your home. 

Apply the same to your brand. 

Use this opportunity to revisit your content on social media. Revisit all the old highlights on your Instagram and delete the outdated ones. Give your Facebook page a refresh by revisiting the bio, cover picture and CTAs. Check who you might be following on Twitter and make that list more relevant

You need to look festive to feel festive

Invest time and some money into creating festive content. If you are working with an agency that creates micro-content, that is perfect. Otherwise, look at working with photographers and videographers that understand the vibe of your brand and can help you create topical content. 

A pro tip with photos and videos is trying to do more with less. Each photo and video can be edited and compiled in a manner that gives you a lot more content. 

Even if you are not pushing your products as a gifting solution, package the content in a manner that is could be perceived that way. It’s all about storytelling, after all. 

Don’t ignore LinkedIn 

While Instagram is great and where most of your audience spends their scroll-time, LinkedIn should be considered from a corporate gifting angle

Customers love a good deal! 

When the festive season arrives, discounts are not far behind. Your brand needs a price optimization strategy, festive season or otherwise. Are you going down the Zara path of two annual sales, or would you like to have regular price drops? Depending on what this strategy is, it can be adapted for the festive season. Spend time conceptualizing the right strategy for the festive season, one that excites potential customers and also churns the ROAS. 

Simple product bundling, customized cards, or just adding a little something along with each order can give promotions a fresh, festive feel. 

To improve social media engagement, run Instagram-exclusive limited-period offers, giveaways, and contests that are pure fun. For example, at a random time on a random day, run a story-specific discount for 30 minutes. While a few people will notice and avail the offer, a lot more people will understand that yours is an account they must follow. 

Innovate, Collaborate 

Brand partnerships when done well can do wonders to amplify brand awareness and also build relevant brand associations. In the spirit of collaborating, not competing, a great example is the Startups Unite campaign. 

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