Dawn of New Era | Ujjwala Kakarla Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Dawn of New Era | Ujjwala Kakarla


Existence in darkness,

No sign of sun rays,
Neither the moon lit
nor the stars twinkled,

Darkness nestled in the
lap of silence.
From the dark silence
Springs the little star,
sparkling itself as bright
as a firefly,
Emerging to be the source
of the same darkness!

That little star

Glittered forth in beauty
of light,
Beauty that shone was
neither the Ying nor the Yang,
Milky light splashed in full 
Manifesting to be the source 
of peace.

As the silence emanated
the brilliant star,
Lucent light expanded into
many little stars
Chasing away the dormant 
Into one and the same silence!
The energy of radiance
Vibrating from the very many cluster 
of stars,
Pulsated a melody of musical
mantra “OM”.

The seed of mystical mantra
“OM” in resonation,
Unfolded the creation of
five elements,
The sky, the air, the earth,
the water, and the fire,
Slowly over the course of
One connected to another
And the little stars set in motion
across the cosmos.

That veiled darkness slipped
through the cosmos of light,
It coiled as a serpent engulfing
the barren earth,
The cosmos dazzling with infinite
Expanded into many galaxies,
The sky and the planets emerged, 

Dusty clouds came into sight
The sun shined, the moon lit and
the stars twinkled,
The little light in seek of darkness,
Emitted its saffron rays so as to
near the earth,
But those rays refined into
tiny water drops…
Dripping the colorless earth
in a cloak of greenery!
The grass sprouted, the plants and 

flowers blossomed across the rocks,
Evolving into the dawn of a new era.

Darkness in acceleration,
Hissed as serpentine to
abolish the luminescence,
But the polarized light waves
Merged the vapor of darkness
in eternal brilliance.
Indefinite time in full swing,
split the light and nescience
into days and nights
In a cycle of stormy and pleasant seasons,
To set about a theatrical spectacle
of light and darkness.

A gentle touch of the cosmic
Merges the primeval darkness
with the starlight,
Awaking it from the slumber of 
Stimulating that damp shadowiness
into thought mind as the power of light,
In design of an insatiable desire.

Unspectacular dark mind in origin,
Evanesce those light rays into luminous 
Sinking the little magnetic stars in
eruption of dark waves,
Escalating thought waves descend
the angelic lights to the earth,
On an escapade in seek of desire.

Time unfolded the curtains
showing apparent,
The world drama of Existence.
The action of the play
Set in cosmos connecting to the
fair earth,
Amid colorful trappings of nature!
The inexorable interplay and rigidity of the 
fascinating figures, light and darkness,
Revealing the realistic presentation
of evolution.

Written by Ujjwala Kakarla

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