Dear Cricket Beyond the Panorama November 8, 2020

Dear Cricket

By Shriya Rajachandra

I realise that if I hadn’t fallen for you, this miserable feeling wouldn’t haunt me. Soon, I know that you will transport me to the land of joy and fix my heart. But just for tonight, let me hate you – please?
This has to be our year, there is no other choice – I told myself this for 12 seasons, and this season was no different. On the day of our first game, a positive vibe surrounded me. The feeling was weird but it made me say, “this could be our year, no?” We registered a win that day – it felt strange because, for the first time in years, we had won our opening game.
Ten games later, with 14 points on the table, we were on a dream run – a situation foreign to us. With the bat, we managed to produce some magic, there were some ups and downs on the field and our bowling left us in a state of awe. Things were going our way, finally.
The route to the playoffs looked easy but a little voice in my head said: “Looks can be deceiving, hang on, there is a long way to go.” This little yet very annoying voice was right. The once easy path soon turned bumpy. Not once in the final four games of the league stage did we end up winning. We failed in all departments. When we qualified, it felt as though some said – “here hold my hand, let me help get to your destination.” Nevertheless, there was a ray of hope.
Darkness covered this ray hope in the eliminator. We huffed and puffed our way till the last over and were knocked out. Unfortunately, this was a situation we were accustomed to.
How could we make the same old mistakes again, I yelled in anguish. I was well-acquainted to this heartache yet it felt like a fresh cut on my body. Considering our performance in the last few games, to wrap my head around the fact that this again wasn’t our year felt like a walk in the park. But every time I took a step, I was stepping on hot coal – making it a harrowing experience.
So close, yet so far – has been the story of our tenure in the India Premier League. Over the years, this team has become a crucial part of my life. The team is not aware of my existence but they are my family. Probably this is why, in the paragraphs above, I use the words ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’. Families always stick together, and despite 13 heartbreaks, this is why I still wear their jersey and chant ‘Arrrr Ceeee Beee’ with pride.
As I find my way out of this sorrow, I look at the team picture and await our happy ending.

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Shriya Rajachandra
Shriya Rajachandra

A sports fanatic, Shriya writes engrossing sports stories and her thoughts on the happenings of the sporting world.

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