Dear Universe Beyond the Panorama January 7, 2021

Dear Universe

By Mihika Agrawal

What a terrible inconvenience,

It must be to be you.

To create all there is,

And have to bear such disgrace

To have to see these;

The terrible tantrums of my race.

This hatred we have for others,

These assumptions and ignorance in our minds,

This convenient way of being afraid so unbothered,

To have sight and still be blind.

This ungrateful behavior,

This disgusting disregard for life,

We destroy in the name of our savior,

We have privilege and yet for some it’s hard to survive.

But let me tell you something, 

We are all filled with respect and awe for you.

You’re a bit of a genius aren’t you?

Such balance, such detail;

All the colors from red to blue,

Such wonderful creatures from worms to whales.

You are a good parent too,

Tolerating all our fits,

Watching us being such loons

But I promise you we’re learning bit by bit!

So I hope you’re at least a little proud now that

We’re returning all the gifts you gave us.

We’re fighting for everyone’s good

We’re laughing, loving and creating stuff.

And let me just tell you, dear universe,

You did a great job in music, science and art

We’re falling more in love with life every day,

And of course with the sun, the sky and the stars.

Mihika Agrawal
Mihika Agrawal

Mihika expresses her creativity through poetry, storytelling, and reviews on books and movies. 

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