Dear You Beyond the Panorama October 7, 2020

Dear You

love yourself

Under the moonlit sky

Let’s sing songs of our glory

With every goodbye

Let’s celebrate our memory

I will keep you in my heart

Forever, like the unwavering heartbeat

You are me but like the art

Set in resin, my mind the time’s cheat

I remember all you were

And all I will be

All of you acknowledged

And recited over and over again

Accepted and forgiven

You of past and I of present

Without you, how would I ever be possible?

The Me of the coming days

Is not me of the living time

And the me if the living time is

Is a polished star

Ready to create her own galaxy


A Note from me

In the beginning, I hadn’t set out as a writer, but as time flew by, I was dancing with words on the beat of my heart and the rhythm of my mind. I didn’t realize when I started to love writing and having thought about the creation of the world and the magic of the earth. And I didn’t begin with the acceptance of who I was and was to be, but the power of love is stronger than all the odds, and finally, only this year did I started genuinely loving myself for me. With appreciation and acknowledgement for what the me of the past went through made me think of myself as someone I am going to be forever grateful for, if she hadn’t fought her battles and won them, I wouldn’t have been possible.

              Remember that you as you are enough, the you of now is a beautiful person who is trying all that one can for the you of the next turn of clock. I hope that you’ll love and appreciate the person you were in the past, I know we all have made mistakes, I did too, but those mistakes made me learn what I hadn’t known, those mistakes laid a more solid foundation for self-love.

 Forgive yourself, accept yourself, acknowledge yourself, and Love Yourself.


A lover of all things travel, Kay pens down her inspiring thoughts through storytelling and poetry.

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