December Days Competition – A Picture & A Story Beyond the Panorama December 15, 2020
Contest Details:
This month, we are celebrating all things we love about December! The onset of the winter’s frost, the holiday spirit, winter-special food, snow, or just about anything! What does December mean to you, what does it remind you of? Tell us with 1 picture (that you have clicked) and 500 words.
The requirement of the competition is that you submit 1 photo and a 500-word write that is related to the picture. It could be inspired from the picture, about the picture, let your creativity run wild. You are free to write poetry or fiction. 
1. The content entry should include 1 original image and a 500 word story/poem about the picture. There is no minimum requirement but the maximum number of words you can use is 500.
2. Please note that the image you send us must be original and not subject to any form of copyright or licensing. It must have been clicked by you. Entries that do not follow this will be rejected.
3. The picture you send must be in landscape orientation, no more than 1 MB. Please avoid writing any form of text on the image.
4. The story/poem must also be an original piece of work, devoid of any form of plagiarism.
5. Your submission must have a title.
6. The entries must be emailed to, and the subject of the email should be “December Days + Title of Your Submission’.
7. In the email, you must mention your full name, your occupation and your city of residence.
8. Entries are open from 15th December to 23rd December. The shortlisted submissions will be published on our website on 24th December.
9. The criteria for selection in the first round is solely based on the decision of an internal jury.
10. Once the submissions have been shortlisted and published on our website, the final round of selection will take place depending on highest number of views on the website + most interactions on Instagram + the jury’s opinion. The jury will be the final judge. 
11. There is no fees to enter into the contest. Just creativity and originality of idea!
12. We are only accepting submission in the English Language.
13. Bonus points for people who follow us on all social media channels!
The selected winners will receive some very exciting goodies from Beyond The Panorama! We look forward to receiving your entries. 
If you have any questions, please get in touch with us on social media or via email at