Destiny Unfolding Itself Beyond the Panorama February 12, 2023

Destiny Unfolding Itself

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It came as a shock to me that my parents would try to arrange a marriage for me. I didn’t know whether they thought I was incapable of finding love myself or whether I was too capable. Either way, I rejected the proposal and promised to move on with my life. 

It was 2 years later that I met a boy, who I knew was a ‘forever’ kind of person. We laughed, we cried, we watched movies, and we shared a sorrow-bond. We did everything together. 

It was at a candle-lit dinner that he got down on one knee and popped the question. I didn’t even hesitate for a moment before screaming, ‘yes!’ 

The wedding preparations were a blur; flowers, food, festivities, we took care of it all. Together. On the big day, there were lights and shimmer everywhere and I felt like a princess in a gleaming palace. Everything was just how it was destined to be. 

After the rituals and family gatherings, I caught a glimpse of my parents waving me over. It was a random gesture, but filled with purpose, so I made my way over. They embraced me and tearfully stroked my cheek as they explained in broken and muffled sentences that this was the boy. 

The same boy. 

From all those years ago. 

I looked at him once again and wondered how I had never realized it before. 

But it was the same boy from all those years ago. 

Everything was just how it was destined to be.

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