Dev Diwali | Papia Ghosh Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Dev Diwali | Papia Ghosh

My broken steps lead

To the Holy Ganga

treaded through ages by

 kings and commoners alike,

wait in eager anticipation for

 the night of the Dev Diwali.

A silent witness 

To untold tales of joys and sorrows,

I shelter their footsteps

With open arms,

Yet each passing day is but a yearning for

The night of the Dev Diwali.

The tell-tale brunt of the ages

Mapped in my cracks and crevices

Are covered with

  seeds of a million hopes 

sown along every inch of my existence

blazing in glory 

under the full moon night,

since it is Dev Diwali.

The flames of each hope 

Fighting gallantly against the cool draughts of

 the dragons of fear and doubt,

threatening to annihilate them. 

A night when every hope finds a safe haven

 Embalmed in holy chants and deep prayers 

celebrating the Dev Diwali.

Written by Papia Ghosh

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