Diary of Anonymity – The Feeling of Defeat Beyond the Panorama January 18, 2015

Diary of Anonymity – The Feeling of Defeat

diary of anonymity



“Upsurge of grief permeated my veins, 

Dolor-thicken’d blood weighed down my brow,

Tears warm’d rims of my icy lids, all hidden in a frown. 

It was a defeated dusk in December. 


The feeling of anguish overwhelmed me 

An urge to turn things upside-down, kick the ground, 

Abuse profound. 

My straggling feet laid pathway for a reluctant, irrefutable acceptance; assent of defeat in a dusk of December.  

The cacophony, cheering, it grew on me like a laughter that shrieked, until all I heard was the noise of silence inside me; 

 A claustrophobic emptiness within me; 

 I had exerted my all, but I was left suffocated with the thoughts. 

 Look at the winner, veil a face of sportsmanship, the vain attempt to truly feel it; what remain is a mere feeling of despair. 


The feeling of defeat cutting through your teeth,

Still standing numbly, faking a smile gently,

Hoping it would be just a dream but this, this is what is crowned defeat.”

7:29 PM

Reported by Radhika Sethi 


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