Diminished Beyond the Panorama December 18, 2020


Written by Kunjika Thakral

The waves came along with the breeze

Numbs my body and makes my soul seize. 

Entangled by my own thoughts

Fighting within, the inner riots

Chained myself around me

Nothing good or bad to see. 

Devastated, destroyed 

Frustrated and annoyed

Breaking down by my own void

Seeking escape through anger

Won’t bring peace any longer. 

As I get more bitter, 

I know nothing will get better.  

Neither hesitating nor terrified

Losing everyone on my side

Can’t keep myself together

Even from all the strength I gather. 

Hopes dissipated in the mess

Towards the end, or so I guess. 

Trying again is no longer in me

Even in the future, I can’t see me be free.

I wish the day it all began 

I would’ve left everything and ran

Not even wishing it could all get better. 

Kunjika Thakral
Kunjika Thakral

Kunjika writes thrilling short stories and poetry, her travel tales, and her thoughts on society and culture.

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