Confused? Congratulations. Beyond the Panorama August 16, 2015

Confused? Congratulations.

I am confused. I am lost. I am in a disarray.

There are moments you feel like you must do what you are presently doing. You just have to, to get by; wake up for a morning class, get to that meeting. There is no other way to it. But you feel that you are capable of much more, something bigger, something better. There once existed a fire that fueled you to do the same things you now find commonplace. You were once excited about it, you looked forward to it. Now, it is not so challenging anymore.

There are moments during the day, questions just strike you.

“Is there really where I belong?”
“Am I a big fish stuck in a pond?”

You feel like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel, unable to move ahead, grow and move higher up the ranks. Grow, not only in terms of amount credited to your bank account, but grow in personality, in knowledge. You are repulsed by the stench of stagnancy in your life. Things seem mundane; the monotony of the routine in inching you towards quitting. You feel like you’re groveling in the dust, unable to get up even when you yearn to walk on the same dusty path

So, what is the remedy, the answer to this “I’m stuck” feeling? Is it as simple as, get a new job, drop out of college, move on? Not always. You have a family to fend for, you need an assurance that will ensure bread at day’s end. You must regard the high expectations shouldered upon you. You feel like you must move on from where you are, but circumstances hold you back. Circumstances however, dear friends, introspect; are the circumstances chaining you, or are they self-constructed?

I am confused. I am lost. I am in a disarray.

Amidst the confusion and disarray, read between the lines and walk where the light leads.
Realize that this seems ill-fitted because you have grown out of this gown. There is something else being tailored in your mind, you just have to adorn it. You have matured to take up bigger things in life. You got here because once upon a time, you outgrew what you did previously; once, this exact same thing received all of your attention and interest, now something else does. That is not such a bad thing, is it?

Worried sick, you shouldn’t be because you feel helpless; worried you should have been if you never felt this way. First step to moving ahead is realizing that it is a good thing you are. Disarray is almost always used in a negative connotation. But, it is not always so. If you feel this way, act on it and don’t subdue it, for this is what will get you ahead. Confusions are opportunities that come knocking at our door. We are so miffed by these confusions that we never answer the door.

“Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.” – Alain de Botton 

Confused, lost, in a disarray?


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Written by Radhika Sethi

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    August 31, 2015, 6:10 AM

    “I am confused. I am lost. I am in a disarray.
    Amidst the confusion and disarray, read between the lines and walk where the light leads.”

    This line. :’)
    I’m noting this down in my journal!

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