Diwali Came Early  Beyond the Panorama October 23, 2022

Diwali Came Early 

This piece has nothing to do with statistics, run rates, strike rates, duck-outs or centuries. 

This is just about celebration. 

Today, everyone’s status is celebrating King Kohli. But when his form was rough, group chats were thronging with not-so-positive criticism, calls for retirement, and bashing of his aggressive playing style. 

But today people retracted. Praised him in all his glory. 

Why though, is this emotion so short-lived? 

Is it really that difficult to support our heroes through thick and not thin? 

Call me an idealist but amazing would it be – if we stood up for our own sportsmen when they are struggling? 

If we just said, Kohli will be back soon instead of saying Kohli is only focused on acting in ads. 

The form is not permanent, for any skill. We, ourselves face rough patches. Writer’s block, creative block, mood nahi ho raha aaj, focus nahi tha yaar, and so on… 

Why then, are we so harsh on the achievers?  

We should continue to celebrate the talent and more importantly the intent and dedication of the player. 

It’s like Diwali came a day early, and we celebrated. 

Form may come tomorrow but we should still celebrate today. 

Ravi Shastri summed it up quite well today, “He has shut everyone up”. 

I do hope naysayers say shut up. For a while. Forever? 

Image Credits – ANI

Radhika Sethi
Radhika Sethi

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