Email Strategy For The Festive Season 2022  Beyond the Panorama October 17, 2022

Email Strategy For The Festive Season 2022 

email strategy for festive season

In the next few days, the Indian internet is going to be lit. Quite literally. With Diwali coming up soon, all branded communication is going to have a festive touch. This can be a particularly challenging time for smaller businesses not just to stand out, but even to be visible. Shopping will be at an all-time high and so are marketing budgets. 

It is important for brands to lay out the festive content strategy and you can find out more about that here: 

The inbox can be a crowded space during this time. But most customers are on a shopping spree and are on the lookout for good offers. Chart out the email strategy for the next two weeks, down to the captions, and emojis. Planning ahead will give you wiggle room to optimize the plan as per customer behaviour. 

It’s all about a KILLER subject line 

If your subject line doesn’t stick, it doesn’t matter how good your product or offer is. The rule with subject lines is simple – generate curiosity. People should not be able to stop themselves from opening and seeing what’s in there. Everything else is secondary. 

Strategize a great offer 

Your emails go out to your subscribers or past customers. Show them some love. Give them something special this time of the year. Create ACTUAL exclusive offers for them and make them irresistible. If you would like ideas on what you can do to create interesting offers, feel free to reach out to us! 

Try the gifting angle 

If your product could be a potential Diwali gift, we need to tell people! Customers are on the lookout for interesting gifts they can give their loved ones. Strategically position your products as gifts and watch the magic unfold! 

Dress to impress! 

We mean your emails, of course. In the clutter of communications, a simple way of standing out is with impeccable design. 

Keep it festive

Use emojis. People love them and this time of the year is perfect to light it up! 🪔🎆✨

Happy Emailing! 

Another essential element of the content ecosystem is social media, and here’s how you can conceptualize that: 

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