Enlightenment | Sunita Ramaswamy Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Enlightenment | Sunita Ramaswamy

Skipping, hopping merrily with a light heart

Cruising on waves of success in a new light

A nimble journey, to be the light in my life

All sweetness and light, this charming sight

Travelling light, invisible, it came up close in a jiffy

And then I saw the inner light, a forewarning

The guiding light that turned positive, pushing blithe to quarantine

Corona made light of the predicament, eclipsing the motion

The light then dawned upon me, impending dooms day

Pandemic presence that lit the fuse in me

The lights out of many lives, in an abyss of misfortune

Light purses and heavy hearts, losses accumulating

I lit into it for not physical distancing the sorrows

Masking the joy, routine, and gathering, I lit a fire

Brute force from the orient was no light relief

Happiness seem to be light years away, the ventilator throbbing

The lights out of every sphere and continent

Or Candlelight, will it flatten the curve?

An avalanche of emotions, in my light

Did He give the green light to lockdown the Universe

It all came to light, crystal clear, apocalypse

Bitter truth that saw the light of the day

I felt light hearted, giddy with the afterthought

Will I ever light upon a novel start?

I go light on it, extend an olive branch

Like a light reaction to life’s photosynthesis

Did I see light at the end of a dark tunnel?

Overbearing thoughts and I was out like a light

Repercussions, tremors, aftershocks felt in broad daylight

Utopia of the year, in fading light, smashed to smithereens

I began to see the light that emerged from the shadows

Glory back in the limelight, renewed with faith

No longer hid my light under the bushel

The ray of light gleaming in stark contrast

That threw light on arcadia with all the joy

I trip the light fantastic like renewed tides on the ocean

Promised land, eureka! the light bulb moment hit me

The symptomatic heart, light as a feather, longing

A light touch, the Midas of vaccine, dexterous moments

That cast light upon an alpha, the green shoots sprouting!

Written by Sunita Ramaswamy

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    November 12, 2020, 8:42 PM

    Wow Sunita Ma’am, you really killed it! Happy to learn with you as my teacher! Loved the usage of light in enhancing a very dark time in our lives…So multifaceted!

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      November 13, 2020, 8:59 AM

      loved the poem ma’am! 😊

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