Even the Sunrise is Dim Compared To You Beyond the Panorama February 27, 2021

Even the Sunrise is Dim Compared To You

beyond the panorama

Written By Neelam Chari

Even the sunrise is dim in front of you

You give your shine to heaven’s golden eye

Illuminate the skies so deeply blue

and the spring by your charms you beautify.

A rainbow conjured by a light drizzle and some sun

won’t ever stir my soul or move my heart

as the sparkling shrine of your glory has done:

making me leap by your enchanting art.

Behold thou this envious melting snow

see these jealous bluebells and daffodils,

They all fail to possess your grace and glow

nor do they have your enthralling beauty that kills.

So grateful to almighty you must be

As devotedly lord created your magnificent self.

Neelam Chari
Neelam Chari

Neelam writes gripping stories, and all about her unique take on the world.

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