Every Life is Beyond Precious Beyond the Panorama June 10, 2020

Every Life is Beyond Precious

all lives matter

Two days ago, I was sitting in my room making notes when suddenly I heard a loud thud and I rushed out. My heart screamed when I saw two beautiful mango trees lying dead on Mother Earth in the plot diagonal to my balcony. I froze for a couple of seconds and I could vividly feel the sinking beats of those two giant gorgeous green beauties. I could feel them hugging Divine Mother for one last time. I stood motionless and could not believe the sight I witnessed. Almost after five minutes of watching, a tear trickled down my cheek and I knew I bid adieu to the “unspeakable Speaking Duo”. I came back inside and got back to making notes but the focus was gone, I couldn’t concentrate and the entire evening I felt a bit numb.

The next morning, I stepped out in the balcony again and felt dreadful to see that Mother Earth had gone bald overnight and the same day, by evening some more damage was done to Mother Earth. I saw enormous patches of baldness everywhere. 

I had seen them growing with me through all weathers, that’s probably why I developed a bond with them- so the next day again, I rushed to the porch, and I noticed that even though the trees were removed from their roots,  their origins were so deeply rooted in the bosom of Mother Earth. The labourers had to toil hard to dig deeper to remove every trace of those magnificent and splendid Greens.

I came back, and because I had about 15 minutes left to begin an online class, I elected not to start any other work. Instead, I chose to watch the NEWS which I usually don’t do. And every news channel that I flipped to, showed only one thing, “Black Lives Matter”. That was reasonably intense for me to watch particularly before the healing session so I turned off the television. And I got to thinking again.

I thought the news channels and social media portals are bombarding us with “Black Lives Matter” news. It does matter, undoubtedly and indisputably, but what about other discriminations?

I feel it’s about time for us to change the standpoint. A shift in perception will cause a miracle. 

The movement/protest is necessary but protests won’t stimulate the change. Whatever I absorbed from the news and videos circulating on social media, I asked myself that isn’t it about all life? Human life discrimination is a small subgroup of an even bigger issue. It is time for us to start understanding the value, and worth of every life. All beings deserve love and respect… ALL BEINGS…

Just think, is it only the black life that suffered in the past and still is suffering? What about the exploitation of the weaker by the richer? Would you call the children exploitation by making them child workers? Under which category should we put Syria and Yemen? What name tag should be given to sex trafficking? We can clearly see the humiliation happening in the visa process when a developed country has to issue a visa to a resident of a less developed country or to a better-developed country. Who decides and on what parameters do they set different rules for different nationalities? Who gives them the authority to deny the privilege to so many potential and capable people to travel and explore the world for fun and business?

How about domestic abuse? 

And yes, how can we forget the barbarity on animals? The frightening suffering and the endless murders for satisfying human hunger. Just because they cannot express does not mean we own them and that we have the right to decide for them. My mind goes impassive how on a daily basis, billions of innocent lives are killed for our greed. The greed of the stomach and greed of money. But what we keep on forgetting is that enough is not enough. Greed can never be satisfied.

Who gave us the right to chop off the forests and make Mother Earth barren? We had set fires in the forests, we chopped trees and ruined the humble abodes of beautiful creations called animals and birds, and we still are encroaching into their sacred space and then when the cheetahs, leopards, snakes, and alligators show up as a visitor in our so-called “civilized society” we blame them without guilt and shame by saying they have entered into our territory. I think, here also, we need to question ourselves, who has intruded into whose personal space? Who broke the laws set by nature? 

I kept on chunking down and realized that the roots of discrimination, violence, and lovelessness are deep-rooted and far stretched.

I also interpreted that protests are not the solution to the problem, they rather cause more commotion.

Mother Nature has pushed us into the rooms, we are locked down into our homes, people are dying of hunger, some of the fear and some of the virus. It is time for us to self-reflect and connect the dots, to solve the jigsaw puzzle of life. 

With persistent chopping of the trees, slaying of animals, the carnage of human lives, with the constant threats of belligerent situations hovering over, I feel the virus is not outside, the virus is within. The biggest virus is our thought process, our understanding of life, and our lack of love. Lovelessness is the biggest VIRUS. 

The coronavirus will go away in some time but what about the virus of our thought- the thought that one life is more important than the other, our lack of affection and care for others. This pandemic is an opportunity for us to reevaluate our thoughts, it’s an opportunity for us to grow and evolve. It is time for us to realize that every life is beyond beautiful. Move out of the zone of I, Me, and Mine and embrace ONENESS.

Yes, black lives matter, but so does every other life, everywhere on this planet. It’s time for us to alter the perception. 

We need to understand and accept that like musical notes we are all different. We all vibrate differently, our notes and pitch are different but even if one note goes missing, we would never be able to compose the composition because that very difference in the sound of each note is what creates the end result of a beautiful tonal image. Sounds that dance and glide on the eardrum. 

Like the seven musical notes, we are interconnected with each other. Our existence would be incomplete. Just imagine if the people or species on the planet were exactly the same; there would be no growth. There would be nothing new to stimulate our evolution. That’s why I say, every life is beyond precious. We are all unique and magnificent expressions of life, and together we help each other in becoming better versions of ourselves. It’s time for us to embrace the truth that all life is interconnected and interdependent. So let’s prevail in harmony and help each other shine, sparkle, and survive!

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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