Everybody has a Home Beyond the Panorama September 11, 2020

Everybody has a Home

Everybody has a home

Not always the one made of bricks

But yes everybody has a home

Where all the fears are gone

And the trust is born. 

Comfortable more than a water bed

Safe more than a locked room

Free more than the open sky

Heartwarming more than a sunset

Homely more than my own home. 

Everybody has a home 

Pouring my heart 

Crying out my fears

Laughing out my happiness

Bursting out all my stress

A conversation which is a therapy 

Something which set you free. 

Free with your thoughts,

Free with your special feeling

Free with your heart filled with positivity

Free with a hope. 

A hope assuring forever exists. 

My home is my ‘go to’ place

Everything fades but it stays

Staying away from home

makes me all gloomy and doom. 

Might stay away for a while

but I’ll go back over and over again

Not always made of brick

But yes everybody has a home. 

Kunjika Thakral
Kunjika Thakral

Kunjika writes thrilling short stories and poetry, her travel tales, and her thoughts on society and culture.

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