Feliz Navidad – What Christmas Means to Me Beyond the Panorama December 25, 2015

Feliz Navidad – What Christmas Means to Me

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‘Tis the season to be jolly, and spread cheer

The time to be grateful for the abundant blessings that you have been showered with.

The season to give, and to receive

That time of the year when families come together and celebrate.

The time when you walk into your house and one day it smells of freshly baked plum cake, the next, of freshly fried murkus, another day your grandma’s famous diamond cuts, or your aunts kalkals.

Everybody at home sits together and makes these goodies to give to share with everybody and spread the love.

It is that time of year when you crank up Christmas Carols, sing Fa la la la and decorate your Christmas tree; eventually someone gets frustrated (usually me) because the tree is not being decorated as per the ‘plan’ and throws a hissy fit. But then composes themselves and completes it in any order, after all it is another symbol, one of togetherness. Every ornament hung by each member of the family means something.

Everybody rushes till the eve of Christmas to find their loved ones the perfect gift, and place it under the tree pretending Santa Claus personally delivered the presents, pretending, what am I saying, the man is definitely real!

There is something indescribable in the air, or maybe it is Santa showering joy from his sleigh. Whatever it is, it is truly the most beautiful time of the year. People make an effort to be nice and spread the merriment that is associated with the season.

It is the time to eat, drink, be merry, be grateful and spread peace, love and joy.

Merry Christmas!

Written by Kshaema Susan Mathew

Photography – Kshaema Susan Mathew & Radhika Sethi


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