Fireflies | Jonaki Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Fireflies | Jonaki

To me, you were the firefly

Illuminating the night sky.

To you, I was the caterpillar

Waiting in the wings- to be a butterfly

If I were the ocean, and you were grains of sand,

If I was the sea, and you were a faraway land,

If I were Dorothy and you were Oz,

Would you take my hand, just because?

To me, you were a spring day,

Air filled with the blossom of cherry trees

To you I was a green, abandoned forest,

Buzzing with honey bees.

To you I was the midnight,

Where secrets (in indigo ink) shone,

To me, you were the moonlight,

As I waited for the dawn.

If I were a fairy-tale and you were a song,

If I were a jazz tune, and you were a trombone,

If you were Simba and I was Timone,

Would you still take my hand, despite the crown you adorned?

Written by Jonaki

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