First Love Beyond the Panorama April 19, 2021

First Love

Written by Swetha Narayanan

That night, we sneaked into the carousel,

The moonlight casting us in a love spell;

Our eyes met, spurting love in the air,

Lasting a few moments, impacting an eternity;

That pair of blue eyes with captive charm,

Akin to the twinkling stars in the welkin,

Put me in a profound trance, a reverie,

Deeply etched in the depths of my soul.

I distinctly remember the vibrant hues,

Of carousel lights shimmering in the dark;

Sparks of love, igniting our thirsty souls,

Entwining our hearts, weaving a fairy tale;

Now – years later, I pass by the carousel,

And my eyes well up a little, my heart aches;

But a smile creeps in – pure and tender,

Washing away the pain of our unfinished tale;

I gaze at the stars over yonder wondering,

If you still remember the glances we stole;

Because you were an oasis amidst a desert,

A flicker of hope on a dark, gloomy night;

You were my first love, and my little secret,

My happy place, and my soul’s safe haven;

Yet, you were only a beautiful dream – that,

Faded into a puff of gold dust when woken!

Swetha Narayanan
Swetha Narayanan

Swetha writes captivating stories, intricate poetry,  loves to read and watch films, and then write down her reviews on the same. 

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