Flying High Beyond the Panorama June 3, 2020

Flying High

flying high

Watching the golden lights twinkling below like the makings of a massive Christmas tree, meandering into areas unknown whilst sitting amongst clouds, feeling like the very gods that created us. A tiny elbow nudge brings you down to reality; you’re sitting in the economy where the seats are close, the struggles of physical distancing become deeply apparent.

You might have heard that all this might change, no more rubbing shoulders, no more elbow bumping and no more obstacles to the simple act of stretching. Will this be an exclusive space to muse dining with the gods, a part of the elite club open to the ones who can afford the price.

It’s hard to imagine how one virus transformed how this well-oiled system worked. The future looks sparkling clean, not in a good way, smiles will be hidden by well-intentioned masks, a simple handshake is no longer a gesture of peaceful intentions and a sneeze might revoke your access to the ‘mile high club’, not intended in the actual meaning of the slang.

A plastic tarpaulin to welcome you at check-in while your bags are being ‘sanitagged’, you may have to lose more of your time only hoping to buy it back by flying west. So much for commercial aviation changing the way the world worked a few decades earlier, the world is now fearful of jetsetters for they might hold the key to a quick exit. Will we accept these shrunken versions of our former selves?

Alas, if only we could fly back in time!

Nia Tilley
Nia Tilley

A voracious reader and travel addict, Nia writes engrossing poetry and short stories.

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