For Thos Who Contemplate Destiny Beyond the Panorama August 26, 2022

For Thos Who Contemplate Destiny

beyond the panorama

As a believer in the cliched definition of destiny, 

It’s sometimes hard to compartmentalise others’ thoughts, actions, and words;

But it’s even harder to decipher my own hopes, wishes, and dreams. 

To what extent do I need to go to fulfil my fate? 

If it is meant to be will it actualize without any doing on my part? 

Is it worth intervening if it ruins the whole magic, the whole charm behind the mystery? 

The not knowing? The bliss in ignorance? 

On a normal day like today, I strive to be a go-getter, 

But on a night like yesterday, where everything was happening all at once,

When things I never thought would materialize did, 

An immature part of me hopes things will fall into my lap and destiny will unfold. 

But it’s today. The today where there’s no magic and no destiny, and all I crave is the feeling of companionship. 

The desire to be seen. To be heard. 

Do I wait for a sign? Or do I just act on impulse? 

The euphoria is a rush I can’t explain, but the disappointment thereafter is an underwhelming whirlwind of nothingness that leaves you devoid of any emotion. 

Devoid of the hopes, wishes, and dreams you can now suddenly compartmentalize, 

But wish you couldn’t. 

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