Friendship Blues Beyond the Panorama September 1, 2020

Friendship Blues

Fifteen years, which felt like a lifetime   

Was now over in the blink of an eye

We bid our goodbyes

To the strict rules and frequent exams,

The comfort of familiarity & friends who were like family

Promises of staying in touch were made

Alas, many friendships would not make it past the gates!

The heart-to-hearts and frequent chats

Were reduced to annual birthday texts,

Often making me think: Are we still friends?

The lessons, losses, and glory played like

Different scenes from an old, forgotten story

Playing games and gossiping during every free periods

Complaining about the canteen food only to stand in line each day

Studying in a group where we would end up wasting time, and

Eagerly waiting for the bell that signified lunch break and dismissal:

We did not know it then, but we were

Making memories that would last forever 

Our lives may no longer intersect

But whenever I begin to recollect the past

I am filled with hope that our friendship will last.

Although things will never be the same 

We will always be able to cherish “the good old days”

And that will have to do for now. 

Sanjana Rudra
Sanjana Rudra

Sanjana is a globetrotter and loves to write about her travel adventures, her thoughts on society and culture, as well as short stories.

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