From an Inexperienced Writer Beyond the Panorama August 12, 2021

From an Inexperienced Writer

Written by Aayushi Shandilya

They say, 

“I’m too inexperienced to write”

But they forget about the days 

I was broken when people left,

And acted like I had a heart made of stone. 

I felt the pain coursing through my veins Leaving my tears rolling down 

On the nightstand. 

What about the days 

I masked my tears

With the brightest of smiles

Because there were some people that I fear

Who thought of me as weak

And a mere melodramatic over-reactor?

What about the days

When I swaddled myself 

And hid in closet for so long 

That my limbs refused to go back 

To being what they were

And my eyes refused to see the light?

What about the days

When I wallowed alone in the nights

The moon and stars refused to be my light?

When fireflies disappeared in front of me

And the butterflies refused to cast their colorful spell on me. 

I had nobody but myself to keep. 

I wrote and wrote about those days 

Until one day, 

When I couldn’t anymore. 

I acted stout and strong 

Until one day

When I couldn’t anymore. 

So, I cried, 

I screamed, 

I broke down in front of them

Until one day, 

When I know I wouldn’t need to anymore. 

Aayushi Shandilya<br>
Aayushi Shandilya

A lover of poetry, Aayushi reads and writes imaginative concepts and verses that strike a chord within you

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