Fuel to the Soul Beyond the Panorama October 19, 2020

Fuel to the Soul

A constant companion to overcome our solitude,

And keep us engaged and merry.

Listening to melodies for a little while every day,

Would keep our soul filled with the fuel it requires, making us happy.

Music has its magical way of waking us out of the quilt,

Keeping us on our toes on a long day with our energies rebuilt. 

It takes us on a tour to an imaginary world,

Where we are united with people of different interests.

It provides comfort to us when we are in our mood swings,

Bouncing back as our usual selves, motivating us to be like kings.

It speaks the language which words fail to,

And makes us believe in the good that life is taking us through.

Ramya Basker
Ramya Basker

Ramya writes thoughtful poetry and short stories about her observations and experiences in society. 

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