Get Into The Summer Spirit With These 3 Refreshing Short Stories Beyond the Panorama April 23, 2023

Get Into The Summer Spirit With These 3 Refreshing Short Stories

summer stories

Why beat the heat when you can embrace the season? 

Summer is more than just a season… it’s a feeling. 

The humidity, the scattered rains, the spirited energy – there’s just something about this time of year. 

If you’re already in the spirit, join the gang! But if you feel like summer’s just not the same as before, these 3 stories are perfect to get your energy up 🙂 

1. All The Goa Cliches, Come To Life

summer stories

It’s not summer without a vacation. And it’s not a vacation without Goa! 

If you think of Goa cliches, a few things probably come to mind: sun, sea, sand, and little epiphanies. Well, this story has exactly that… and more 

2. The “Chabeel of Punjab”

summer stories

In Punjab, during peak summers, good samaritans whip up some cool drinks and sweets to offer strangers on the road. It’s almost like fulfilling your good deed of the day. 

And if you’re in Punjab, your summers aren’t complete without this wholesome practice. To know more about a personal experience and truly understand how the system works, you need to read this story.

 Side note: it’s as heart-warming as it sounds. 

3. Of Sunsets And Candy Skies

summer stories

Sometimes we do things that we hate, just for the people we love. That’s love. 

This story is centered around a friendship so pure, it’ll fill your heart with warmth. It’s got the perfect summer landscapes, the pretty skies, and a sweet ending that’s better than any conventional ‘happy ever after’.

Which one was your favourite? 

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