Give Yourself A Chance Beyond the Panorama January 2, 2022

Give Yourself A Chance

Written by Bella Fernandes

One thought often splits my soul into two. It is the realisation, realisation of experiencing that despite having given everything, every bit of heart, mind and soul to keep something so beautiful safely, it just slips away from our hands and falls apart. 

There are so many different types of people that we come across throughout our life. But the fact is that people come and go. In this process of coming and going, some people leave a positive impact on us while some they just shatter every bit of our existence and they leave their mark of hurt in our lives. That’s life. Also, some people come into our lives just to teach us how to let go of even the most absolute things in life. 

I know it takes courage to let go of someone. Someone with whom we experienced the best of life, someone with whom we shared everything and most importantly we gave away our soul just to make sure they never leave. Somehow the union still didn’t work and from then on we spent sleepless nights with a hope that someday they’ll come again and try to fix the broken parts. 

Trust me, we should definitely let go of someone who isn’t willing to stay. Be strong enough to accept the fact and trust the reality because truth has immense power to set us free. We start making peace with ourselves. We can’t expect people to stay for a long time who enter half-heartedly. 

We ourselves are so capable that once we decide to bring ourselves out of someone we can mend our broken parts and grow more beautiful than ever before. But still most of us don’t even realise their own power.

We all have gone through heartbreaks. Only the intensity of pain varies from person to person. We constantly seek for someone who can make us feel right and strong. We all seek love, warmth and care. When we get these pure things in some way, either the time isn’t right or the person or the situation may be and sometimes we ourselves are not ready to trust someone again or to give love a second chance or maybe the third chance too.

But some people when they enter our lives, they surely do some magic and it’s true if you’ve allowed that someone to connect to you. And we as humans when experience such a deep mental shift, we walk faster than ever. The vibe & the energy of that particular person pulls us so hard that no matter how much we control ourselves and try not to fall for them, we just get glued to them and we don’t realise at times how close we’ve gotten.

So, when we don’t give a chance to what is coming, even though we need it, we build a wall, a wall consisting of all our fears. Each day we start building the wall of fear an inch more because of the past hurt that changed us so much and that’s how we keep making adjustments and punishing ourselves. In this process we probably lose our focus from what we deserve. 

Nothing in this world happens without any reason. There’s always a hidden purpose for every human connection, even the momentary connections serve a little purpose. We may ignore the message our heart tries to convey but we cannot change the fact that feelings are meant to be expressed and they definitely make their way, even if we try to suppress them. 

When happiness knocks at our door, we need to get up and stand strong to open the door and happily welcome the one waiting to let in. That’s how we learn to give chances to things that are rare and most beautiful.

Allow yourself to flow a little bit to what comes your way and let go of what holds you back and see wonders happening around you.

Bella Fernandes
Bella Fernandes

Bella is an avid storyteller and poet, crafting new experiences, and writing them down for the world to read.

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