Goodbye Beyond the Panorama November 23, 2020


Written by Kunjika Thakral

With a promise to meet again

With a hope to be remembered

With an expectation to relive it again

Something unlovable yet special- Goodbyes

When the lips smile and the heart cries

Something unusual about this breeze

When the eyes try to capture maximum

You don’t know when the next time will come

When the hug tries to store the heartbeat

Maybe after years you might cross street

You may or may not look at each other

You might or might not recognize one another

You might have all this back within a moment

Or end up wondering where it all went

Everything could be exactly the same

Or a disaster without knowing from where it came

Your investment is subjected to risks

Returns might be limited to memories’ discs

Are you up for such a trade

Where everything was vague, but only trust stayed?

There’s no looking back in this deal

Absolutely nothing or everything you might steal

Uncertainty in the free wave

Hope is your last save

Adapt to the change

Being fearful is not strange

For your and their good

Stronger than a pillar you stood

Waving back in the same rhyme

Goodbye, until next time

Kunjika Thakral
Kunjika Thakral

Kunjika writes thrilling short stories and poetry, her travel tales, and her thoughts on society and culture.

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