Growing Up Beyond the Panorama June 24, 2020

Growing Up

Growing up was a lot more than the little me had ever thought, 

Growing up was a lot more than puberty and adolescence. 

Growing up was learning to keep a smile when you wanted to frown, 

Growing up was adapting to change of cities and people, 

Growing up was making home away from home. 

It meant staying away from maa and papa,

It meant joining a materialistic race that would leave us void on the doomsday,

It meant keeping your problems to yourself,  

It was more than cribbing about half cooked food and unkempt utensils. 

Growing up was realising that the world doesn’t work in black or white but grey. 

Growing up was learning to move on after last night’s heartbreak.

Growing up was shedding a part of you to become more enticing. 

Growing up was being vulnerable to people and emotions. 

Growing up was a lot more than the little me had ever thought.

Growing up was burdened shoulders and mate eyes. 

And yet, growing up felt beautiful, 

The morphosis was an incredible experience, 

Growing up was each person blossoming into different flowers. 

<strong>Kaavya Singh Chaudhary</strong>
Kaavya Singh Chaudhary

Kaavya, a student at SRCC, writes engrossing poetry, and thought-provoking stories about culture and society

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