Had I A Memory The First Time: A Widow’s Lost Poem Beyond the Panorama July 6, 2021

Had I A Memory The First Time: A Widow’s Lost Poem

Written by Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario

A cloudy sky fetches a mid-week noon

The verandah in a fallen sneeze of dust, 

Draws a bleak art of sickness on the day’s forehead.

In a home within a letterbox,

The monster multiplies in the abdomen,

Throwing up yesterdays laments in sleeping pills.

And a tap trades its last few drops,

To the smell of a half used saving foam. Waiting to rain.

On the grip of the wind’s magenta lips

Hangs his shirt with a lost body and a torn appetite —

The catalogue of clothesline in a miles stretch,

Kicks its barren foot to a mouthful of cries. 

The body screams the absence of its chores

Folding the dilapidated obsessions, 

into a sack of sundries.

How passion must burn?

The tongue renounces the thirst of trees

Untying patches along the cleft of thighs,

Leaving it to the conscience of uncontrolled things.

When the night stays confined on the eyes of orange moon,

Numbness toils squeaky as moles 

Wild. Eccentric. Incomplete.

In a disagreement with every proportion of the verb —

reading Rilke before God.

Love makes the longing ring into an erratic telephone call —

Only the city crows scatter the quietness in the throat.

How can I write this love, complacent?

When death comes slow, slowly into the room.

Ronald Tuhin D'Rozario
Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario

Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario studied at the St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta. His articles, book reviews, essays, poems and short stories have been published in many national and international online journals and in print, including — Cafe Dissensus Everyday, Narrow Road Literary Journal, Kitaab, The Pangolin Review, The Alipore Post, Alien Buddha Press and ‘Zine, Grey Sparrow Press, The  Chakkar, Plato’s Caves online, RIC Journal, Rasa Literary Review, The Walled City Journal and many more. Recently his poem has been included in — ‘Witness’ an anthology on poetry of dissent, edited by Nabina Das and to be published by, Red River. He writes from Calcutta, India. 

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