Her Eternal Light | Vismitha Yaji Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Her Eternal Light | Vismitha Yaji

As she fell into the abyss, 

Darkness engulfed her 

Surrounded by those fears 

Those were embedded into her, 

All she hoped was for a single ray of light 

To pass-through 

A glimpse of hope, 

A glimpse of freedom, 

A glimpse of light, 

All she wanted was to escape  

The grim reality of her being, 

A hint of brilliance just to breakthrough 

But as the faint glow  

Benevolently embraces her, 

The cracks within her  

Perfectly healed

With a sense of the entirety 

Overtaking that feeling of melancholy 

Hints of golden drops 

Seemingly shone through her 

The light that once was hidden 

Now exhaled into the world 

As she embraced this new self 

All she could do was blaze through that gloom 

Brilliant and radiant now, 

She held her head high up to reach that shine, 

Not once did she let her light die ever, 

Seemingly leaving a trail of brilliance 

Wherever she moved, her light now blazed in millions 

Written by Vishmitha Yaji

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