Her Inner Light | Dilini Wijesinghe Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Her Inner Light | Dilini Wijesinghe

The weeping petals around her soul,
She hides herself from this cruel world,
The cold wind of rejection
The deceitful drops of rain

All she seeks for is a glimpse of sunshine,
 To bloom despite this misery
Oh! Suddenly she saw a golden ray of sunshine,
Through those gloomy clouds, all so glittery

She thought to herself for a while,
Looking at the clouds; the golden rays within
Though she hasn’t realized before,
The light has always been within

Even on the darkest day,
Just as a sunflower finds sunlight,
She lifted her darkened soul up,
Turning her soul to the inner light. 

Written by Dilini Wijesinghe

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