Attention Spans Are Short. But Here’s What Brands Need To Do.  Beyond the Panorama September 7, 2022

Attention Spans Are Short. But Here’s What Brands Need To Do. 


Yes, attention spans are said to be that of a goldfish and rapidly reducing, they say? 

It sucks, it does. But brands need to take action. With changing algorithms and reducing attention spans, brands need to create content that customers ACTUALLY want to consume

So, what does this really mean? 

  1. Write more interesting, engaging blogs that not only feed the SEO engines but also create a brand property that enhances brand building. Basically, get a content team that can churn out content that customers want to spend time reading.
  2. Micro-content creation is the word of the day. Photoshoots and video shoots are expensive and time-intensive. Work with content agencies who can create content on a weekly and monthly basis.
  3. Write shorter pieces of content, but write more. We never pick between quantity and quality. We recommend both. 

At Beyond The Panorama, we help brands become more customer-centric. As a creative and content agency with a story-driven approach, we can help scale your brand digitally. Reach out to us for more!

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