Hope | Mihika Agrawal Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Hope | Mihika Agrawal

You wake up to the sound of warbling birds,

Through the gap in the curtains enters a little light;

There’s a tingling sensation running through your bones

Yet you lie there, pale and quite.

Break out of these four walls,

To where more colour awaits you;

There is a sunrise waiting to happen,

It isn’t in for the golden hour to be so blue!

Open your eyes and see beyond this darkness

I promise you’ll feel a bit more okay,

Once you see this honeycomb glory

And feel its warmth illuminating your day.

Oh, why do you lie so empty?

Come on, open your eyes,

Now let me show you something here,

As beautiful as the prosaic sunrise.

Open our eyes and watch this fresco,

Of sunlit stars on your ceiling

Trivial, aren’t they, in their presence,

Coming and going, coming and going?

Now try to hear these sunny silhouettes,

There’s something they are trying to say,

Here is a constellation shining just for you,

Here is a little light for your hollow day.

These tiny bits of flying gold,

Look at them flicker and fight

Trying to embezzle your darkness

And adding a bit of colour to your sight.

Even when you are battling black,

Even when you are clutching to the end of your rope;

Let these tiny twinkles of vibrance remind you

About holding onto the power and promise of hope.

Written by Mihika Agrawal

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