How To Build a Channel-Agnostic Social Media Strategy Beyond the Panorama August 23, 2022

How To Build a Channel-Agnostic Social Media Strategy

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In our previous blog, we discussed whether being on all social media platforms is essential or not. 

The short answer is no.

You can read the long answer here: Is It Important To Be On All Social Media Platforms?

So, how do you go about building a channel-agnostic social media strategy? 

1. Lay down the marketing objectives for the period

Yes, social media marketing MUST begin with the end marketing objectives in mind. 

2. Ascertain the digital objectives 

Once it is clear what the marketing objective is, the digital objective must be laid down. What is the brand trying to achieve online? Ascertain the stage of the brand – introductory, growth, expansion, and so on. Fix time-based objectives accordingly. 

3. Choose social media platforms accordingly 

Answer the question of whether you need to be on all social media platforms or which select few. Then, set the objective for each platform. It might be brand awareness on LinkedIn and conversions on Instagram or vice versa. But it’s important to lay it down otherwise your content will be all over the place. 

4. Create a channel-wise calendar 

One platform at a time. The lines get blurry so strategize the content platform by platform. Write down the channel objective right at the start and then work on the calendar. 

5. Work on an engaging content mix 

While building the calendar, ensure it’s populated with a varied and engaging content mix. Videos work best for Instagram and Facebook while longer text-based posts with images tend to perform well on LinkedIn. 

This is just the start of your brand’s content marketing journey. If you need help with all things content and social media, do reach out to us and we can customize a plan for you.

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