How to keep customers coming back to your brand website EVEN WITHOUT purchase intent  Beyond the Panorama May 30, 2022

How to keep customers coming back to your brand website EVEN WITHOUT purchase intent 

While retention marketing is an important part (or should be) part of brand strategy, it is a tough nut to crack. Depending on the industry and nature of the product, the time period between purchasing one product and the next might be too long. 

But brands need to create memorability and recall. 

So how can brands create a stickiness without pushing people to purchase their product? They must think of other ways to stay relevant in the lives and minds of customers. It is also important to add here that it is crucial brands build their own audience (aka data) through their website. Social media is essential but should not be considered the end all. 

Let’s take your brand beyond just product, here’s how: 

1. Change your website mindset

Think of your website as your storefront. If the website were to be your shop, how would you like to design it? Would you keep just keep products in the middle of four walls? Definitely (hopefully) not! 🙅‍♀️
Build a website that built around your brand story. When someone lands on it, they enter the universe of your product. Make it an immersive experience.

2. Create brand properties

To keep customers coming back, give them good reason. For example, Molo Foods, has a recipe section where each pickle they sell has been used to create a unique recipe. 🍽 This way, the brand is giving people something more than just asking customers to restock their pickles.

3. The good ol’ blog

We cannot stress the importance of SEO enough. To drive search engine optimization, a blog is one of the key brand assets. But that’s not all it needs to be. When given a thought, structure and a theme, the blog can drive traffic to your website, irrespective of purchase intent. With great content, you keep people coming back to your website.
HIVADO, a men’s skincare brand has created an educative, empathetic blog section to help men take better care of themselves. 🧖‍♂️

4. Curated Newsletters

Whether email marketing is dead or not is a debate for another day but we love a good newsletter! Your emailers could be a breath of fresh air in the clutter of promotional bombardment.
How can you go about doing this? Again, think of your brand universe and create properties, topics that you can deep dive into, topics that YOUR customers will be interested to read/watch/listen.
Two of our most favorite newsletters are from The Wishing Chair and D’you.

Here’s hoping for booming website traffic for your brand! ✨

At Beyond The Panorama, we help brands create build their story. If you need help in creating a brand story, or building brand properties, conceptualizing an email strategy, or even blog writing – we’d love to have a conversation with you. 

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