I Am – The Key to Manifestation Beyond the Panorama October 16, 2020

I Am – The Key to Manifestation

Two years ago, I noticed a small spot under my left eye and that stayed the same for almost a year and a half. Suddenly, in October 2019, I noticed a change in it. The size became big but still not noticeable and by April 2020, that tiny little spot turned into a skin tag which was more than prominent. Everyone I met, or  spoke to over video calls, inquired about that, and showed their concern about the same especially because the location of that was quite risky. Therefore, I decided to check with a doctor, who was also my friend. He told me that no oral medicine would help and the only solution is the removal of the skin tag either by laser, freezing that with nitrogen, or some surgical procedure which will electrically burn the tag. However, his concern also was the spot where the tag appeared, too close to the lower eyelash. 

By now, I was willing to heal myself so I decided to find on Google the remedies, and over the counter medicines for the same, and I didn’t find anything convincing enough. I was slightly despondent, that’s when the Spirit made some noise within and said, “So, reiki is only for healing others? How about trying it oneself?” I was startled. Needless to say, my heart danced in joy, and I was delighted like a baby… I had received a solution to my problem. 

Without much ado, with full faith in my heart and clarity in mind, I started giving reiki support to the affected eye for the removal of skin growth. 10 days passed by, I could not see much difference but my instinct kept telling me that it is getting better and better every day in little ways. And another uncanny thing was, that every time, I looked at myself in the mirror, that wart appeared shrunken to me but the people around me were still seeing the same size of that. Probably, because I was vibrating in the energy of faith so what my eyes could see already what others couldn’t. 

On the morning of 5th September, for the first time I sensed a slight pain in the skin tag lasted all day, and that frightened me deeply. I decided to observe that for one more day but to my surprise, the next day I woke up with no pain at all. However, as the day progressed the second change happened- that turned itchy but I kept patience and didn’t touch that with my nails. That night, I decided to show it to my doctor. But deep down I knew the tag is almost ready to shed. The Universe has had supported me well. 

Beautiful new dawn, I woke up to witness the glory of yet another gorgeous day and God’s magic… I woke up with no pain and no itching, Divine restored my faith in my feeling. Because there was no discomfort, so I didn’t go to the doctor.

On September 7th, the day began as usual. Around 11:00 AM my mother called and after seeing me on video she blurted, “it is getting bigger every day, why don’t you do anything about it?” and I told her, I am working on it. I won’t deny, my mom’s remark shook my faith for a moment but then I immediately snapped out of that. Around 11:30, my son got back home and we were having coffee together when pointing at the skin tag, I asked him, “do you think this growth has shrunk?” He looked at that carefully and said, “no.” Then he further added,  “in fact, I feel it has grown bigger than before.”

 I silently rebuked myself for even asking him in the first place. After coffee, I hurried because I had two healing sessions that afternoon. Around 3 pm, I was ready for work but I was ready way ahead of the scheduled time of the session, so I sat down to do some writing and I don’t know what transpired to me suddenly that I immediately got up and stood in front of Sai Baba’s painting in my room and looking straight into His eyes. I said to Him, “I know my skin tag is healed in your eyes and I am also sure that it will shed in a day or two but I am getting impatient now. Nothing is impossible for you, can you please hurry up and allow the wart to fall now?”  Sounds childish, right? After uttering that, I also thought the same. 

The moment I was about to get back to writing, I noticed my mom’s incoming call. I accepted the phone call and started talking with her and possibly 10 seconds later, my mom suddenly amazed me by saying, “did you go the doctor? Thank God you did and the skin tag is gone.” I heard her and my reaction was, “what? When? What are you saying? Are you kidding me?” and maybe some more similar questions arose in my mind and I touched my lower lash line and after many months my hands couldn’t trace the bump there!  

In just 15 days, that was gone, without leaving any scar behind. I was awestruck! It took a couple of moments for me to absorb the universal miracle and soon after I regained my composure, I bid goodbye to my mom and I started searching for that false growth that fell off from under my eye like a dead leaf from the branch of a tree. I took the photo of that and then made a collage of my eye with without the skin tag.

With this beautiful healing, yet again, my faith got stronger than ever before that in order for anything to manifest in your life, good or bad, you have to first believe and reckon in the possibility. There is no Genie behind the clouds nor any rule outside of you. Nothing is outside of YOU. All power is within YOU. You are the creator of your experience.

“I am”, is the core that all else is built upon. It is your awareness that you exist.

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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