I Go Where My Mind Takes Me Beyond the Panorama August 18, 2021

I Go Where My Mind Takes Me

Written by Archita Nayak

A constant process-

of observing,

weaving sights into words,

reading my surroundings.  


even if you catch me

sitting alone and idle,

on that cornered bench,

where children are playing,

two old men enjoying each other’s company,

youngsters doing yoga and tai chi,

I’ll be there with my thoughts,

Writing poetry in my head. I’ll be there with my stories

Being written in my head.

You may find me talking to you,

but let me tell you,

I’ll be half-present, every time.

because the other half is always

busy in observing everything,

from everywhere,


and nowhere.

Archita Nayak
Archita Nayak

Archita is a storyteller and poet, using her creativity to narrate experiences, reviews, and thoughts on spirituality.

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