I Learnt to Say “NO” on My Journey to Find Inner Peace Beyond the Panorama November 11, 2020

I Learnt to Say “NO” on My Journey to Find Inner Peace

Since early adulthood, I was conscious of the significance of internal peace. It was something I needed for myself after realizing the lack of it. Perhaps this was because I always went with the flow, wherever the new breeze blew; maybe it is something to be thankful for but can also be dangerous if not cautiously observed.

Well, for me, it turned out to be quite bad as it affected my psychological and physical condition. Whenever something undesirable happened, it would affect my peace of mind and my entire thought process would only be centered around that one circumstance. It was a steady gab in my head that I was unable to stop. I wouldn’t eat because I didn’t have an appetite. I would not like to go out or do anything which implied I was unable to appreciate the current moment or have any kind of fun. 

It was because of this disruption of peace, figuring out how to maintain my internal peace became my one and only objective. I have always been a proactive person when it comes to the goals I set. When I settle on something, I go for it with my full heart and soul. And so, despite the fact that this was an inner activity, I realized it would be the same. I wasn’t completely certain at the time about all that it would take to arrive at such inner peace, however I was up for the test. I realized that with all the industriousness I would place into achieving my extrinsic goals, I could apply that equivalent power to my ones. And that’s where the journey began. 

It took me quite a while to learn and apply these strategies. I turned into an understudy of internal peace and ingested as much information as possible regarding this matter. Additionally, with the understanding that people are programmable creatures I realized that I would need to do some de-programming of specific convictions and lifestyle propensities to arrive at my goal. These are some lifestyle changes which I incorporated to attain some internal peace. 

Taking Charge of Myself: One of the significant exercises I’ve adapted is that I am in charge of myself. I am the controller of my contemplations, how I feel, and my conduct. I can’t control others or external conditions. I can just control my reaction. I found this is valuable to my progress because every time I attempted to control others, I stopped myself. It’s simply unrealistic. I comprehended that everybody has the privilege to be and do whatever they please and it has nothing to do with me. So as opposed to attempting to control them, I only participated as a listener and helper to the extent it was required. This is freeing to myself as well as other people since I respect myself and do as much as within my capacity, also allowing others to do the same. 

Focusing on what I choose for myself: This is an interesting one. I have come to realize that concentration and focus is a blessing from the universe. I am that every second, I get the opportunity to pick what I centre upon. Despite the fact that my physical senses know about what’s going on before me, rather than concentrating on it, I actively move my concentration to those things that I want and the progressions I might want to see occur. I recognize what’s going on in my present reality, however, as opposed to harping on it, I use it as a chance to centre and derive an answer instead of concentrating on the issue. 

Keeping up my source of peace: My relationship with my source of peace is my most significant relationship. This is the thing that keeps me grounded. It keeps me in a position of realizing that everything is working for me consistently. Contemplation is my closest companion and I’ve come to find that evening time is the best and the most ideal opportunity to reflect for me and it does help me connect spiritually which further facilitates me to achieve my inner peace. Contemplation doesn’t generally mean sitting discreetly for me. I enter a condition of reflection while I’m perusing an intriguing book or article. I can also enter a thoughtful state while watching an enlightening video. I ensure that I feed my soul every day with the goal that my lively recurrence stays at a high point. I am ready to see the master plan or higher point of view of things by keeping up my association with my source of inner peace. Thus, I am not getting hindered by what’s happening around me and I am mindful that there’s consistently a greater arrangement having an effect on everything. 

Days of pleasing left long ago: This is another enormous one for me. I have consistently been a good samaritan. I feel extraordinary fulfillment realizing I can be of help to other people. Be that as it may, this became one of my destructions since I would frequently end up doing things for others to keep them happy in spite of how I was feeling. This would leave me feeling angry towards them when it was actually my deficiency for not respecting myself. I needed to fulfill other individuals’ desires which implied frequently putting others needs before my own. 

Long story short, I shut that down. Now, I help others on the off chance when I totally feel like it. Obviously, that angered many people, however it’s actually a “them versus me” mentality and I pick me. That may sound somewhat egotistical, yet sincerely I should continue doing just that, so as to keep up my own peace and satisfaction. So now when I help individuals, I no longer feel angry and can completely be at peace. I needed to discover that I’m not others’ friend in need and that it’s totally fine to say “no”. 

The road to acing my internal peace has been an energizing journey. It might appear to be unfamiliar to some as they may be annoyed or angry at me, and they probably believe that I couldn’t care less about anything which is absolutely not the case. I care about numerous things. I simply know a superior method of taking care of my life and stressful circumstances now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Parth Khamesra
Parth Khamesra

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