I’m Not Looking for a Guy Beyond the Panorama September 15, 2020

I’m Not Looking for a Guy

I’m not looking for a guy

A guy who’d pamper me

Would take my vulnerabilities as my weakness 

Weakness that none but him have seen

A guy who, to make his fountains active

Is trying to cut my supply from the mountains

Someone who wants me to love him

Someone who doesn’t do the same

But I’m looking for a guy

Who’d make me want to be my best self

Would let me be the lioness

Would love all my wildness

One who would introduce me to myself

All the hidden, that missed my eyes

My body as a temple

Whose God I’d choose him

One who would let me see him broken

His emotions, without caring about his pride

Who’d let me hug him, and sing him lullabies

One that my soul would fall in love with

With my heart beating for him

And my mind with thoughts of him.


A lover of all things travel, Kay pens down her inspiring thoughts through storytelling and poetry.

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